Dental Practices

PPE for dental practices will
include equipment necessary for aerosol generating procedures including
coveralls and FFP2 respirator masks as recommended by the World Health
Organisation as well as the Health Safety Executive and UK Government PPE

Doctors / Nurses

UK recommends FFP3 respirators for use during higher risk procedures however does state that FFP2 can be used if FFP3 are not available, following a rapid HSE review


Government’s recommendation is to wear respiratory protective equipment (RPE) with an assigned protection factor of 20 (eg FFP3 disposable mask or half mask with a P3 filter). Fit testing is needed for tight fitting masks. Use water resistant markers if needed.. 

In line with current health & safety and industry guidance, where Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) is issued by an employer, it must be able to provide adequate protection for an individual wearer. In order to achieve this, the RPE must fit the wearer’s face and must not leak, in order to be considered effective.

To provide evidence that the RPE is suitable for the wearer, a face fit test is required for the type of mask issued. A mask that does not fit the wearer correctly (i.e. it is too large or too small) will not provide the protection anticipated due to an ineffective seal being formed between the RPE and the wearer’s face.

Read the HSE guidance on Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) face-fit testing to avoid transmission. Click here to read now.

Face Fit Testing Solutions have a team of expert consultants who are able to carry out Qualitative Face Fit Testing at your premises, or at one of our office locations.

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We can work in Partnership with our customers to ensure your staff:

  • are adequately protected from airborne hazards present in their work environment by ensuring they have been issued with correctly fitted RPE;
  • are adequately trained in how to correctly wear and maintain (if necessary) their RPE;

A face fit certificate will be provided for each member of staff, upon completion of a successful face fit test.

What is Qualitative Face Fit Testing?

Qualitative Face Fit Testing relies on a wearer’s subjective assessment of the mask’s ability to create an effective seal to the face. The method of testing uses a nebuliser of a bitter or sweet tasting substance to challenge the mask’s seal throughout a series of tests. The test takes around twenty minutes and requires the user to wear a hood over their head and shoulders. The user will put on the RPE and secure it in position, then the hood will be fitted over their head and, once in place, the bitter or sweet substance will be sprayed into the hood throughout various exercises which are designed to replicate normal movement whilst undertaking work activities. If the substance cannot be tasted during the exercises, the Face Fit Test will have been deemed successful. However, if can be tasted, the RPE will be adjusted and the test will repeated. If no seal can be achieved, an alternative design of mask will need to be found for the wearer before a re-test is attempted.

Qualitative face fit testing is only suitable for half masks and disposable (FFP) masks.

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